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Unlock the potential of technology for a more inclusive future

Our mission is to help you expand your audience by improving the accessibility of your website content for individuals without regard to their disabilities, ensuring the inclusion of all. Together, we believe we can contribute to a more inclusive web future for everyone.

Benefits for your organisation

Our expertise translates into significant gains for your company by achieving digital accessibility, ensuring regulatory compliance, and reaching your goals. With our tailored solutions, you can enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Comply with regulations

Adhere to the strict WCAG, RGAA 4.1.2 and EN 301 549 digital accessibility standards.

Improve CSR strategy and impact

Create metrics on digital accessibility efforts that can be included in CSR reports.

Diversity and inclusion awareness

Implement brand strategies focused on diversity and inclusion that reflect on the brand.

Reach to new customers

Impact positively a market of over 600 million people with disabilities all around the world.

Get support from a mission-driven team of experts

We are a team of experts with an in-depth knowledge of digital accessibility matters. For over a decade, we have worked with a wide range of clients, from startups and large corporations to public and private entities, helping them achieve their CSR inclusion goals.

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Accessi+ : Our intelligent widget

We have developed an accessibility widget for the users of your website or mobile app. Each user can choose a preset profile to enhance the navigation and user experience. The main disabilities encountered on the web have a corresponding preset in our widget. Accessi+ also offers several customization options as well as a screen reader.

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CMS Compatibles with Accessi+

Our digital assistant, Accessi+, provides a user experience adapted to various types of disabilities and is compatible with the major CMS platforms available on the market:

Man presenting professional services of : expert audits, dedicated questionaires, audit reports, all size organizations, international standard compliance, scorecards and ratings, improvement recommendations, performance measurements

The Added Value of an Audit

Digital Accessibility Audit (WCAG / EN 301 549)

Digital accessibility is a critical matter for 20% of the global population, as the internet and digital services are essential in the daily lives of each and everyone.

Digital accessibility has even become a legal obligation for many companies and institutions. EN 301 549 / WCAG audits are the only tool for evaluating digital accessibility recognized by European regulations.

For each evaluation, we provide a report outlining the accessibility issues of your digital service, along with the list necessary actions to meet compliance.

Audit results are presented in the form of a declaration, which we systematically prepare along with the audit report.

Digital Accessibility Training Courses

We provide training to your employees in the field of digital accessibility and its standards, raising awareness among your contributors, project managers, and decision-makers regarding the subject of web accessibility.

Upon completion of each training course, we assess the participants' understanding of the required knowledge through a test.

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